Purchase Contract


Congratulations on your selection of a Calowa American Cocker Spaniel.

This happy, healthy, puppy will give you many years of love and with proper care, feeding and training your puppy will become a devoted companion.

If you have any questions, please call me at 519-200-5467. I will be more than happy to help.

1.      The purchaser agrees to sign a C.K.C. non-breeding contract and provide proof of neuter or spay within one year.

2.      The purchaser agrees to have the puppy examined by his or her own veterinarian with four days of purchase and to send a photocopy of the health certificate to the breeder. If the puppy is proven to be in poor health, the puppy may be returned, with papers, for a full refund upon receipt of a letter from said veterinarian, provided the puppy is in the same condition as it was at time of purchase. The returned puppy will e exchange for the money back or a replacement puppy at the choice of the purchaser.

3.      The purchaser agrees to take a puppy kindergarten/socialization or puppy obedience class where rewards are given, not punishment to reinforce behaviors.

4.      The puppy/dog will be provided with humane, in-home living quarters, personal care, and veterinarian supervised heath care.

5.      The purchaser agrees to follow the breeder’s recommendations for feeding and not to change the brand of food for at least two weeks.

6.      If for any reason the puppy/dog must be placed in a new home, the purchaser agrees to contact the breeder and the cocker spaniel must only be placed in a home the breeder finds acceptable or it must be returned to the breeder.

7.      This puppy/dog will be provided with a fenced running area and its own bed (i.e., crate or such). This puppy/dog will be maintained in a matt free and flea free condition.

8.      All puppies will carry the prefix Calowa in its registered name.

9.      The breeder guarantees a healthy, sound puppy that is to the best of her knowledge free from any hereditary problems. The breeder guarantees a puppy that will develop into a dog embodying the basic standard and character of the American Cocker Spaniel. In the event your pet acquires any hereditary condition that affects quality of his/her life within 2 years, I agree to replace the puppy/dog or refund money at a date suitable to both parties.

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