Carly – remembered

The trees were blowing in the gentle breeze.
The sun was shining through the leaves on the trees.
The meadows are green and the grass grows tall
Off in the distance you can see a waterfall.
Over the falls and down through the creek
The water flows gently as a rabbit sneaks a peek.
Far above in the deep blue sky
The birds soar high as they fly by.
The animals play at the bridge by the waterfall,
Chasng each other and just having a ball.
They play all day from morning to night,
There’s no more rain, just warm sunlight.
Off in the distance the trumpets would blow.
All would look up and notice a bright glow.
The harps would play and the angels would sing
Another pet has come home, who has earned his wings.
Author John Quealy


Ch. Escapades Weather Watch, Jumpers Title

Sire: Ch. Escapades The Butler Did It
Dam: Ch. Escapades Unforgetable

Born: August 23, 1993 – February 2008

Lorri Smith
Calli Smith


Calowa Poodles